Beach Walk 772 – Take a Kid to Work? Nah!

Take a daughter to work? Sure! Take your small self? Nah!

I do love the concept of “Take Your Daughter to Work” but let’s not confuse that with bringing all of our childhood baggage along every day. I’ve realized for many years that most of us would be divinely happy just by claiming our grown-up selves and being able to ignore the nagging whines and directives of our “not best self.” I call it the small self, as this part of my mind and heart sees life from a powerless, teeny perspective. Learning how to tell when my small self is running the show is the single most powerful tool I’ve learned in the art of consciousness!

If you would like to join a group call about this topic later this week, please join our email list! It’s a new feature I am offering, where we can go into more depth about the Beachwalks philosophy. I’d like to offer this a regular connection to the video episodes if there is interest! I am also writing a book about the Beachwalks philosophy and hope these calls will help me get my thoughts organized.

Here is an article on Spirituality in Times of Crisis that I’ll include in the discussion. It grew out of our emergency preparations for the tsunami warning we recently had here in Hawaii.

Love to you, from Maui,


Hawaiian Word
Child: keiki

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Beach Walk 666 – It’s Not Too Late to Take a Vacation!

Tell your self and your boss you want a vacation – it helps stave off heart attacks and is linked to direct health benefits!

Americans work too much for our well-being. A link has been shown between less vacation and more heart attacks, not to mention lower productivity. Americans appear to be the worst offenders, while our hard-working German counterparts take an average of 35 vacation days a year! Here is Norm Brodsky’s article from Inc that I mentioned also. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to help each other get unplugged from the knee-jerk response of over-working.

Hawaiian word:
Hoʻo mahana: to rest; vacation

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Beach Walk 583 – Flexible Formulas

I’ve had this darn cold for two weeks now and it’s having a hard time going away. Mind you, I have not been helping it!

Working late, adding more to my work load for some time-sensitive projects, keeping up with the day job instead of taking a day or two off to rest or even taking a nap now and then!

But part of the fun of being a grown up is I get to reject my own advice now and then and push hard for things I really want to accomplish.

Hawaiian Word:
Holuholu: flexible

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Beach Walk 135 – Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday! It happens every week here in Hawai’i.

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About Today’s Show

Every Friday in Hawai’i is Aloha Friday — a time to spread aloha and wear flowers (leis and fabric prints) and for me, to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life by the sea. Checking in with nature and moments of beauty I find very restorative. When work is pau, come down to the beach and cast those troubles out to sea!

I keep thinking I want to try kite-surfing. I am intimidated by the gear but drawn to the sense of freedom. I have the name of an instructor… Did you know that the inventor of the sport, Robby Naish lives right here in our little town? Of course we’ll film it if I get around to taking some lessons. Would you find that interesting or not?

Hawaiian words
Pau: finished
Pōʻalima” Friday; fifth day

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Beach Walk 5 – Live and/or Work

E komo mai and welcome to show number 5 of Beach Walks with Rox. It’s the weekend! Time to stop for coffee and flowers at Kalapawai Market before a nice long walk and swim.

Lexi and I would love to hear from you (or your dog), so call the Conch line! (via skype:roxannedarling or call 1-949-544-1456.) We’d love to add your audio comment to the show.

About Today’s Show:

I love the idea of doing this video cast and being able to put into motion many of the ideas on our project that we have been developing for clients. It seems to me that people are increasingly less willing to maintain two different personas or ways of being, one for work and one for “life.” I consider that a positive step for consciousness.

Sally, (lady in pink t-shirt at the checkout counter) is one of my Kailua favorites. She has a way of being cheerful and entertaining even when her dry wit seems to be talking about something cranky. She embodies this spirit I like of not faking it up. Yes it’s her job to be nice to the customers, and yet she does it in such an authentic, non-sugary, no-phony way.

You can view pictures of our Loft in Santa Fe –one of the first places in New Mexico to be zoned work-live, as compared to “residential” or “office/industrial” If you’re traveling to Santa Fe, let us know! It’s available for rent as a short term vacation/work space.

How are you connecting the breaths between life and work?

Music is Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment

Hawaiian words
hana: work
noho: live
noho kai: to live by the sea

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