Beach Walk 777 – Be the Effect and SUP!

Join us on a 3-mile downwind standup paddle run on Maui’s north shore with The Butterfly Effect crew!

I tagged along with my friend JT (a multi-time Ironwoman) at this awesomely fun event for women and girls here on Maui’s north shore last weekend. The Butterfly Effect is a nonprofit run by Tatiana Howard – a pro kite surfer, SUPer and windsurfer. She puts on “Be The Effect” events all around the world as a way to give back to the community and inspire a new generation of water women to grow their skills and confidence and care for the environment. Sadly my GoPro fell off my board just as the race was starting however Tati has a great video here you can enjoy!

Secret Cameraman Shane was there as our support and camera crew. One of Maui’s top pro water and sports photographers – Erik Aeder – shared some his before and on the water shots with us. We met at the end of the race by “coincidence” and shared a ride back to the starting line to get cars. Check out his work – it is beautiful, and book an underwater portrait session with him next time you are on Maui!

Visit JT’s Maui Dog Remedies Website | Like her Facebook Page | Follow JT on Twitter

Visit The Butterfly Effect Website | Like the Facebook Page | Follow them on Twitter and Instagram

Visit Erik Aeder’s Website | Like his Facebook Page | Follow Erik on Instagram

Just when I thought I was out of juice near the end of the three miles, I did manage to smoke past two young butterflies. Look closely near the end of our episode for the photo finish! Which of course is nothing considering JT took 5th overall! Mind you, it wasn’t really a race – more of a stroll – and everyone had such a lovely day on the stunningly beautiful water on Maui’s North Shore.

Hawaiian Word:
Pulelehua: butterfly

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standup paddle race with The Butterfly Effect on North Shore Maui

Beach Walk 691 – Doing IT Around the World

I was recently invited to be one of 44 women in technology around the world who on August 11th, documented their day.

The goal, organized by Sonja Bernhardt, was to illustrate women in every time zone with diverse technology careers so as to inspire young women to choose tech as a career path. Visit the web site where you can download PDF versions of the women in each region, and a formal book is being published as well. The date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the awarding of a technology patent to Hedy Lamarr. Most of us know her as an actress, but she also helped invent technology that later was the basis of wifi! is the main site and here are some of my female colleagues. Please visit them too!

Claudia Morrell, MDWIT – Multinational Development of Women and Technology
Gillian Blackmore, Cyberaid Limited
Jamie Hatch, Commander, United States Pacific Fleet and Computer Sciences Corporation
Kate Ackerman, Green Tea Creative
Kim Sheree, B-free Pty Ltd
Mary E Black, Implementek
Pia Waugh, Waugh Partners
Sarah Ruth Ochieng, SkyData Ltd
Sonja Bernhardt, i.on my business

Hawaiian Word:
Wahine: woman

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Beach Walk 391 – Maui Musician Jessica Rabbit

We filmed this interview in Waikiki with singer and songwriter, Jessica Rabbit, from Maui the week before I left on this trip.

She is an awesome singer and writer, and was here on Oahu performing with GoMega. (See Beach Walk #348.) Jessica is very much a self-made young woman; watch this episode to understand her influences. You can also visit her on MySpace.

Both Jessica and GoMega play live music frequently on Maui. If you are going there, look them up!

GoMega on MySpace

Hawaiian words
Kūʻokoʻa: independent

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Beach Walk 320 – Women and Men

Two Hawaiian words today – wahine and kane. Plus, we share more things than it would appear.

I am not really intending to lump all men and women into one generic pot. But like I mentioned in the football episode, I’d rather see us lumped by actual preferences than by some stereotype applied to whole groups of unrelated people!

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman, women
Kane: man, men

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Beach Walk 216 – Breakfast With Champions!

Lucky me, I’m walking the beach with two outrigger canoe champions as we talk about women and sports. It’s not always pretty.

So I met Mindy Clark through videoblogging. I had no idea she was a 10-time Na Wahine O Ke Kai Champion with the well-known Offshore Canoe Club of California! She didn’t race this year, but her protégé Julie did, helping her crew take 1st place in the Masters Division. (And a previous overall 1st place as well!)

Mindy and Julie exuded a wonderful open-hearted energy, which surprised me a bit, until I thought more about it. When a person truly is successful at something, they can relax into their kind selves and leave behind the bickering that occurs so often “on the way to the top.” I couldn’t find a Hawaiian word for “catty.” That made me feel good. Make no mistake these women are tough competitors though.

Mindy Clark’s Outrigger Canoe Video Blog. She’s also featured in the book Moloka’i-Oahu through the Years.

Hawaiian words
Mākonā: mean, cruel
Wahine: woman

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