Beach Walk 145 – Calling Perfectionists

A little more gear, and talk about doing things badly.

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About Today’s Show

We’ve provided the info on our home-made “steady cam” and I’ve got links to the microphones we use too. Not sure how I forgot that yesterday!

Meanwhile, I’ve been affected by videobloggers and ze frank. First, there was jealousy that I was not producing something as beautiful as Jen and Kent nor as funny and spot on truthful as Ze. I thought of my show as rather “pedestrian” (said with snobby British accent). Then I remembered a few things… First, it is pedestrian – beach WALKS with Rox! Then I also remembered that although the #2 can sometimes beat me to the “first response” position, my #1 can easily enough step in and regain consciousness. (See show #102 to learn about 1 and 2.)

Here’s the bottom line: Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly. Stop letting the #2 (who tries to speak for all of the world’s population some days) keep you from trying new things or trying old things over and over again.

Here is the microphone link:
Sennheiser EQ100 G2 Wireless Microphone – We love this small, wireless mic system. It tucks inside my top and the wind noise disappears. It also comes with the handheld adapter; we use it with an inexpensive Radio Shack handheld for street interviews.

Hawaiian words
Hemolele: perfect
Paka: to seek flaws in order to perfect

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