Beach Walk 392 OTR – The Other Side of Talent

I’m at BlogHer Business Conference in NYC and we are here to show the way for companies to find a voice in the blogosphere to change how they communicate with customers.

What stops a lot of people, is either thinking they have nothing to say or thinking they are not talented enough to be a writer, a speaker, or on-camera. Today’s show is in response to all the people remarking on the amazing musical talent in Hawai’i, as well as this quote from Barry Diller at the Web 2.0 conference about user-generated content, which is any content produced by people who are not entertainment or media professionals (that’s 99% of us):

When you get into forms of entertainment, talent always wins out. There isn’t that much talent in the world. An audience of 8 to 12 people might be interested in someone’s individual expression, but the process of people with talent and expertise making entertainment products won’t be displaced by 18-year-olds making videos.

PR professional Jeremy Pepper shares his view that a lot of people making “entertainment products” are actually not all that talented, but instead have good looks or good agents.

Can you guess the Beach Walks take on this topic? Watch the show and then let me know what you think.

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Hawaiian words
Noʻeau: talent

Be in Touch!

Beach Walk 90 – Web 2.0, we’re in touch at last!

Cali asked a while ago, “Please talk more about web 2.0” so today I did.

h3. About Today’s Show

Lots of people are talking about Web 2.0. I covered the topic today with as little jargon as possible. Certainly I am in awe of the software that makes it possible. And, I am literally sleepless some nights about how the world is changing. It’s amazing how we can all talk to each other without having to go through censors and middlemen or huge political, social, financial, and/or technical hurdles!

I also just love all this pent up urge in so many of us to talk about what’s going on in our own minds and hearts and neighborhoods and businesses. I personally believe we are all connected on the soul level and that some day, we will fully understand that and will not need the internet to provide the mechanical structure.

My time to hush though; your turn to tell me what’s on your mind! I am listening, curious and patient. Do you think we will be able to communicate without the internet in the future, mind to mind?

Hawaiian words
Launa ʻōlelo: dialog, communications
Honua: world

Be in Touch!