Beach Walk 387 – Fair Weather Friends

It’s full on winter here at the beach, which means we have the shore almost to ourselves.

That phrase, “fair weather friends” has a negative connotation, and is just the sort of thing I like to deconstruct here on Beach Walks. Yes, I prefer the sunshine too, but all is not lost when it is cold and rainy. Or when friends are down and cranky.

I prefer not to judge people’s preferences, but instead allow each of us to have our up and down days. The ocean, she is always there regardless of her mood, and does not seem to fret over who shows up or not. It’s a nice reminder for me today.

Many people I know prefer me when I am sunny and cheery. Heck, I prefer myself that way too! Still, I get tired and cranky too. Rather than take it too seriously, I recommend my friends just wait a little while as the weather is sure to change. 🙂

Hawaiian words
Kaʻhele: travel

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