Beach Walk 92 – More Freedom, More Wealth

I’ll admit I cannot predict the specifics of the future, however I do see this unstoppable trend: people want more freedom, and along with that, they want more wealth.

h3. About Today’s Show

So one freedom is the freedom to not care about the internet. I can be quite the proselytizer, so today I’ve put myself on notice to knock it off.

I also think that as people gain freedom to communicate and freedom to learn and explore (so much of which can be done via the internet), they invariably become less satisfied with third world peasant wages. I smell some dramatic redistribution of wealth over the next few decades.

I think you’ll get a kick out of my friend Larry’s new invention at the end of the show. 🙂

Hawaiian words
kū.ʻokoʻa: freedom
Waiwai: wealth

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