Beach Walk 596 – Favorite Things About Hawaii

We invited Bob and Sue Schroeder from Canada over to visit our beautiful windward shores, to see something besides Waikiki.

They were walking, while Shane, Lexi, and I were swimming. As we came out of the water, I was approached by another couple, who had noticed Bob and Sue, then saw Lexi out swimming. “Are you Rox?” And so we met Jeanne and Tom from Minnesota! We didn’t have our usual gear, but we did have a lot of fun! Join us as they tell us some of their favorite discoveries about Hawaii, courtesy of Sue, a Toastmasters club president who came up with the “Table Topic!”

Hawaiian Word:
Kupaianaha: surprising

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Beach Walk 590 – Bob & Susan’s Hawaii Vacation

If you follow the comments on Beach Walks or have joined us over on The Reef (our social network) then you’ve no doubt come across “Bob from Canada.”

For the month of February, he is “Bob from Hawaii” and is joined by his charming wife Susan. We met for a sunset walk at Magic Island, followed by dinner and “dessert” at a live Mighty J concert. That fulfills my definition of “Life is Good!” We talk about Bob and Susan’s trip to the big waves on the north shore and when (and when not) to get a car in Waikiki.

Hawaiian Word:
Malihini: newcomer, tourist

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Beach Walk 576 – Passion and Process with Carol Lin

Remember Carol? She was on Beach Walk 393 last year when we met at the BlogHer conference in New York.

A former CNN anchor, she is building a social network for cancer survivors and their families and care givers. She shares with us what this process has been like. Plus, one side benefit to the connections she has made as a result is revealed at the end of the episode! (Hint: Mike Dowling)

Hawaiian Word:
kaunu: passion

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Beach Walk 142 – Budget Travel in Waikiki

Meet my friends Jerry and Elle and learn their Hawaii travel tips.

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About Today’s Show

Jerry and Elle are my travel mentors. I’ve known them for about 10 years and I dream of being a world traveler with their level of adventure and comfort. When I first went to Southeast Asia in 1997, they provided me with so many tips on where to stay, who to see, and how to get around.

They travel light – one rolling cart each, and use miles for most of their plane tickets. They have been to Hawaii over 50 times! And have made many friends from around the world, many of whom they see here both by design and by chance, on their return visits.

Here are some links for things they mentioned in the show.
Coconut Plaza Hotel – $73/night, king bed, room facing the Ala Wai Canal, small kitchen and Continental Breakfast included. We did the show in their spacious and lovely lobby.
Sunset on the Beach – Free movies on the sand in Waikiki.
Royall Hawaiian Band Concert – Free concert on Sundays at Kapi’olani Park.
The Bus – A great way to get around the entire island of O’ahu.

Hawaiian words
O’ahu: no Hawaiian meaning, but this island is known as the gathering place
Kaʻahele: travel

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