Beach Walk 581 – Contain the Energy

At the beginning of a project, the world seems so full of potential.

Being able to sustain that potential is another job altogether. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from doing Beach Walks is to know when to shut up! When we started, we discussed at length, “How often should we do a show?” At the time, Rocketboom was the only show that was going “daily” – that is M-F or 5 days a week. Most others were doing a weekly show, or sporadically according to multiple factors.

Since it is my practice to go to the beach every day (it is my time to de-stress!) we just started doing it every day. But we did not announce it as a daily show. That allowed us to explore the possibilities without the pressure to deliver on a promise we had no idea if we could keep. Though trust me, my little #2 was saying, “Oh of COURSE you can do it every day and think of the advantage you will get by telling everyone!!”

As it turned out, we did an episode every day for 400 days, then finally wised up! (From exhaustion…) I don’t know how this stuff happened, I am just sharing what I have learned and I truly believe we have been able to sustain this not by promising that we will, but by NOT promising, and letting the energy feed us instead of the pressure draining us.

Check out our friend, Vu Goes Vegan and tell me how you manage your energy! By coincidence, I also tripped across this post from Phillip Banks about podfading while writing up these notes.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻokaomi: pressure

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