Beach Walk 688 – Things We Don’t Understand

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This past year the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been very active. Periodically we have “vog” – a combination of volcanic ash and fog. The skies are gray, and the air quality is “suspect.” I recently read a -state- federal health official stating: “We really don’t know what the health effects might be”: I really admired Rich Nickle for speaking the truth in that way. We are all so smart these days, and quick to blame or feel entitled, when really, there is far more unknown than known. And after today’s stock market experience, it seems as relevant as ever to “cultivate comfort with uncertainty” while paying attention to your own specific requirements. Some people (children and the elderly in particular) tend to be more sensitive to the vog. Your mileage may vary. The truly brave can check out this very vintage “Beach Walk #66”:

Hawaiian Word:
Maopopo: _understand_

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Beach Walk 196 – Letting Off Steam

Hiking in Hawaiʻi Volcanos National Park.

About Today’s Show:

One thing that’s easy to forget is that even in the midst of really popular places (like much of Hawaii) there are seemingly always places of privacy. Case in point: the Thurston Lava Tube has tour buses pulling up to it nonstop. However, at the end of the main tube, there is a gate, that allows access deep into the “unimproved” section of the tube. That means no lights, uneven surface, low ceilings in some places…the natural state. Flashlights are required and it is a little scary. And very empty.

Of course on the other hand, you can also be out on the 40 square miles of lava field, and have people inexplicably walk up and literally sit within 10 feet! I found that somewhat irritating; perhaps understanding some of Pele’s frustrations. Sometimes I can speak my mind and heart into the camera with ease; other times I feel very self-conscious when I am sharing the space with others.

I think on some level this crowd effect is evidence we are all connected on the soul level and are seeking that connection unconsciously. Otherwise, how do you explain the half empty movie theatre, and then someone sits right in front of you, or how is it that people can pack themselves into cities at extraordinary density when there are vast areas that remain uninhabited?

I will say I was impressed with all the people trekking out past the many danger signs into the sunset across rough terrain, just for a glimpse of red glow in the distance – a chance to see life in the making that is not X-rated. 🙂

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Hawaiian words
Māhu: steam
Lua pele: volcano
Pele: volcano goddess

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