Beach Walk 243 – Painters’ Perspectives

We met two painters on the beach today and learned a nice tip for making a career change into something you love.

Mark Brown and Spencer Chang were doing plein air painting on the beach today. Spencer is the student, Marc is the instructor. Marc is very happy to be making a living at painting, and he shares his tips with us on how he made the transition to doing what he loves.

Hawaiian words
Pena: to paint
Kuanaʻike: perspective

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Beach Walk 202 – Embrace Your Challenge(r)s

Watching the movie Invincible reminded me of how much positive energy we can get from those who challenge us.

Some would say this is a formulaic, feel-good movie and they would be accurate. But formulas are useful to help us apply the mechanics in our own lives.

It’s tough to hold your own when the arrows are coming at you, as was the case this week with Podtech re: the proposed Vloggies videoblogging awards. But to see those arrows as supportive, at a deep, fundamental level instead of as an attack which is only on the surface, well, that’s college-level consciousness in my book!

Would you like to submit a guest Beach Walks episode? We’d like to start featuring new voices (and take my mom’s advice to have a day off now and then.)

If you would like to submit a show, here are the guidelines:
* 3-5 minutes in length
* On a beach or not
* With a dog or not
* Spreading aloha – or positive energy
* Podsafe music (if you want to use music)
* No copyrighted material unless you have written permission please

Post your file online (preferably a “.mov”), send us the link, and we’ll wrap the Beach Walks theme around it and feature it in an upcoming episode!

Hawaiian words
Pūʻili: _embrace_
Hōʻaʻano: _challenge_

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