Beach Walk 754 – Big Beach, Little Beach

Big Beach, Little Beach; big ideas, small details. We are on a business retreat on Maui, staying at the Hotel Wailea, and filming at Big Beach/Little Beach.

At home we have a small place with low ceilings, and no view. At the Hotel Wailea, we have a large room, high ceilings, and an incredible view! The shift in our thinking as a result in the shift in our environment is providing a contrast that was long overdue for us. It reminds me of the value of alternating between big view and little view.

Hawaiian word:
ʻIkena: view, scenery, knowledge

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Beach Walk 577 – A Special View

I had so much fun today speaking at the Hawaii Advertising Federation conference.

One of the key messages was about using web 2.0 technology to listen and talk to your “users” – your customers, your audience. One of the main reasons why is because their view of the situation is different from the one inside the company walls. By coincidence, we were on our way home and stopped to take in this beautiful just north of Makapuʻu Point.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻIkena: view

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