Beach Walk 314 – Easy if you know how

Things are not easy or hard in and of themselves; it depends on what you know.

Today’s show is from two locations: the beach and our back yard. We started at our usual spot, using the old camera as the Sony HDR-HC1 touch screen stopped working, only to have the old battery die after 2 minutes despite starting off with a reading of “113 minutes.”

I was wanting to talk about the new sliding glass door we had installed today. So we finished the show at home! The contractor I hired made it look sooo easy! Was it truly “easy” in and of itself? No. I explain the difference in the show. Plus you can learn a little about Hawaiian-style bungalow construction.

The same is true of videoblogging. Pretty much only easy if you already know how, as the Podcast Brothers are learning.

Beach Walks Optimism Episode
I hope you’ll submit something for it. Please, pretty please, check out Show #312 for the details!

Hawaiian words
Hikiwale: easy

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