Beach Walk 43 – Live Dangerously, Wear a Bikini

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The theme is “dangerous” this year. And for many women, what could feel more dangerous than wearing a bikini?

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About Today’s Show:

I am a huge fan of bikinis. I was one of the first in my barely teen crowd to wear one, and I am still wearing one many years later. As I point out in the show, it’s NOT about dressing for anyone else, it’s about the great feeling associated with warm sun on the belly, with ocean water washing over as much skin as possible. You just don’t get that with more clothing on. In Hawaii, it’s typical to see bodies of all sizes and shapes in bikinis. Aloha means loving life and not worrying about how you look.

Long obsessed with my looks, I think this is one of the strongest underlying attractions I’ve had to this place. I hope I can share it with you. I can hardly remember that I used to get up every day and primp and fuss and wear makeup and blow dry my hair. It’s actually fun now on the few occasions when I actually do it!

We’ll re-visit this topic again, so feel free to leave me your comments. (Or send your photos!) And gentlemen, would you like to see your girlfriend or wife in a bikini? (I find men are usually much more adoring of our bodies than we are…)

mahalo nui loa to guest director, Stacey Olson.

If you’re at Ala Moana Center, visit Maui Water Wear. “Ala Moana” means path to the sea, and in fact the shopping center is right across the street from beautiful Ala Moana Beach Park.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu loa: very afraid, dangerous
Ala: path
Moana: sea, ocean

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