Beach Walk 42 – Vlogging Dangerously, Day 1

We are participating in Video Blogging Week 2006.

About Today’s Show:

We’ve been happily producing video shows 7 days a week for almost 7 weeks now (who cares really, I just like the sound of that math) however what’s cool is the theme: The Week of Vlogging Dangerously. The first dangerous thing I thought of was to go swimming, but I think I’ll take a pass on that. (E. coli counts have been 1000 times above healthy… eew, yucky, gross.)

Much of my life I have been what the pop psychologists call a “fear-based person.” Sooo, this week should produce huge gains in mental health for me so long as I really push it! Feel free to toss me some ideas. No promises but keep in mind, a scared-y-cat person like myself has a hard time even thinking of dangerous things. The #2 just doesn’t want to go there! Get some basics on what I refer to as the #1 and the #2, the different aspects of ourselves sometimes thought of as the adult and the inner child. My spin is quite differently actually, but that will unfold on many shows.

mahalo nui loa to guest (and secret) director, Lana. Please visit Lexi’s guest Brent at or his owner Chris’s great site, PetFlight.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu loa: very afraid, dangerous

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