Beach Walk 48 – None of This Matters

It’s Day 7 of .

For the closing show I turn to the topic of “spiritual danger.”

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I happen to have an unusual view of life and spirituality. I believe we are divine and part of the divine, living with chosen limits and boundaries. It is quite the opposite of having to earn or learn one’s way into heaven. It frees me up on days when the news is depressing, when the water is foul and the skies are gray. I can remember, none of this matters in the overall scheme of things. I can do whatever I want to feel the way I want to feel right here, right now.

Hawaiian words
He mea Ê»ole: it doesn’t matter

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BeachWalk 47 – Naked Truth

It’s Day 6 of

With the physical stuff sorted out, I turn my attention to the psychologically dangerous things.

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I borrowed a phrase from the talk show host, Michael Savage, “psychological nudity.” Yes, it feels dangerous to disclose things about oneself, or to agree with your enemy. But that is part of the edge when it comes to getting at the “naked truth” of things.

Hawaiian words
Hūnā: to hide or keep in secret

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Beach Walk 46 – If I live to tell…

It’s Day 5 of

After five days of meditating on “dangerous” I’ve realized I like to do tough, hard, dangerous things.

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I realized one of my favorite sayings is, “If I live through this, it will make a great story!!!” So despite my inner squeaky who frequently is cautioning me against so many things, I am actually quite OK with taking risks.

Learn more about the Molokai to Waikiki Women’s Outrigger Canoe Race, Na Wahine O Ke Kai.

Mahalo nui loa to guest director, Lana.

Hawaiian words
Moʻolelo: story

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Beach Walk 45 – Danger can build self confidence.

It’s Day 4 of .

Please join me at a very windy beach to hear how doing dangerous things is building my confidence.

h3. About Today’s Show

As often happens with me, I start seeing a thread of logic woven through my ramblings. You’ll hear it in today’s show. Plus, observations on how things that be dangerous are all confused. It used to be safe to jump in the ocean here and dangerous in much of the world to speak the truth.

Now, it’s the opposite.

A local man is seriously ill after falling into Ala Wai Harbor (after all the sewage overflows from heavy rain) while Scooter Libby essentially outs the President of the United States and lives to tell!

Listen to Eve Ensler’s take on The Power and Mystery of Naming Things at NPR.

Mahalo nui loa to guest director, Stacey Olson.

Hawaiian words
Hilinaʻi: confidence

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Beach Walk 44 – Go for Broke!

It’s Day 3 of

Today’s show? I am noticing that my confidence is growing the more I share with you.

About Today’s Show:

I am very tired! Minimal show notes tonight. Mahalo to David Goodchild for calling the conch line and leaving a chant for us. Please visit him at David provided the notes below to explain his chant:

nam is a word of invocation, derived phonetically from Sanskrit. It is a two-way conversation – when chanting, we return to the unchanging eternal truth and then use that power in our daily lives.

means mystic law. It signifies that the eternal unchanging truth and all phenomena are one. It also signifies life and death, seen and unseen, manifest and latent. These aspects of life are the two phases of the universal law.

means lotus flower, and refers to the simultaneity of cause and effect.

means sutra, or teaching, and also sound. A Buddha’s enlightenment is expressed through the voice – through chanting we become enlightened to this truth.

Matt informed me that the opening sequence to the Gilligan’s Island TV show was filmed right at the channel leading out from Ala Wai Yacht harbor, seen in today’s show. Read all about Gilligan’s Island.

Mahalo nui loa to guest director, Matt Olson.

Hawaiian words
Nalu: surf
Pā ʻana a ka lā: sunshine

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