Beach Walk 431 – Homage to Noodlescar

Rox tries to be half as funny as Noodelscar Bonnie up on the Pali Lookout today.

Lan and Bonnie were here for the weekend. We had a great time getting to know them, as we all revealed parts of ourselves not usually seen. Who knew that Bonnie likes tako poke (octopus with sesame oil & spices) or that Lan is so utterly polite and easy-going? As much as I love the internet, it sure is nice to hang out in “up front and personal” real time and space.


Some of our favorite Noodlescar Daily episodes:
How to wrap a banana
Wrapped Up
Response to Carl Weaver
The Queen
Death to Martian Imposters

Hawaiian words
mālamalama: enlightenment, clarity

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Beach Walk 408 – Vacation Energy Styles

We recently met Randy, a Beach Walks viewer from Illinois, visiting Hawaii with his family, and I was reminded of all the varied definitions of “vacation.”

Some people like to be as active as ever; others prefer to practice the art of doing nothing. Negotiating this with your travel mates? Taking into account the amount of energy available can be really helpful.

Coming to Hawai’i? Please let us know!

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song! Here’s more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.

Hawaiian words
Like ʻole: different, not the same

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Beach Walk 264 OTR – Christina’s Hawaii Travel Tips

Meet my niece Christina and learn about some of her favorite things to do in Hawai’i.

Those of you who have watched the show for a while have come to realize that I come from a long line of “hams.” Today you get to meet one of my nieces, Christina, and her mom (my sister) Judy. (And a brief cameo from my dad.) Christina took her first trip to Hawai’i last year and has some good advice for travelers to the land of Aloha!

You can get great surf lessons with the Hawaiian Fire Surf School.

Mom is continuing to improve. Mahalo again to all of you for your love and support. I also appreciate all of the emails and comments. I read every one and wish I had more time to reply.

Hawaiian words
Ocean: kai

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