Beach Walk 515R – One Minute Rant

This is one of my favorite episodes! Join me to blow off some steam, under water.

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Beach Walk 479 – Finding All That Matters

My nephew Jordan came for a visit from California. We went SCUBA diving, saw dolphins, and found “all that matters” along the way.

One more reason why we locals say, “Lucky to live Hawaii!”

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Beach Walk 427 – 80-20 Rule Revisited

We sacrificed some sound quality to bring you into the beautiful water with us. It went along well with the topic anyway, the Beach Walks version of the 80-20 rule! Look “deep” and you might get a glimpse of Secret Cameraman.

How flexible are you in balancing productivity with pleasure? How do you break the energy when you get in a funk?

Shout outs to CC Chapman and Chris Brogan who helped inspire this episode.

Hawaiian words
Makemakika: math
Hoʻonui: to enlarge, multiply

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Beach Walk 338 – Aloha Out to Sea

We took the canoes and kayaks and left the land today. It’s an underwater Beach Walks Moment for you.

This water is my favorite color.

Aloha is one of my favorite words.

Aloha spirit is what brings us together.

Hawaiian words
Alo: share, share an experience
Oha: show joyous affection
Ha: breath, life energy

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Beach Walk 333 – Perfect Day, Little to Say

OMG what a beautiful day! This show is brought to you from inside the Pacific Ocean.

I paddled the outrigger canoe this morning and was really hot afterwords. So we decided to film the show from the water. How much of your day/neurons do you spend looking for trouble? For some of you, that is indeed a job description, but for most of us, it is just habit – no longer really necessary.

Coming soon! A world-wide debut of a new song by local female artists, Mighty J. It will be some time this week, so please stay tuned.

Hawaiian words
Wai: water
Leʻa: joy, pleasure, clearly, perfectly
Wailea: a place name in Hawai’i

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