Beach Walk 671 – Fit Buddies

I have mentioned Twitter before – there are these odd little quirks that occur because of it. One of them is that I get little sparkles of energy when I see my friends returning from exercise. It somehow inspires me. So today is big shout out to:
Ian Kitajima
Neenze Faleafine

The site mentioned: One Hundred Pushups

Hawaiian word:
Makamaka: buddy

Be in Touch!

Beach Walk 547 – Who are you?

Knowing your likes and dislikes, your preferences, is one of the ingredients for being happy IMO.

Today’s show started with a thread on Twitter, where people were talking about people liking structure. True much of the time, but certainly not always! Thanks to Creative Sage who pointed that out. Even preferences for air temp vary – the tricky part is discovering one’s own preferences as it is largely a trial and error exercise. And for me, so situation-specific! Oh well, what else is life for right now?

Hawaiian Word:
ʻOi ka makemake: prefer

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