Beach Walk 611R – It’s All Good

This Beach Walks replay debuted in August 2006.

“There was an awesome swell in town, so I decided to grab some surf footage. And I couldn’t stop until the light faded and the sea mist fogged my lens. The water was filled with people playing in the waves with all kinds of fun toys!”

Show highlights: Outrigger canoes catching waves (Lanikai and Kailua); stand-up paddling surfer; Anissa, Dave, Johnnie, and Temujin; Lexi hunting for a Snickers bar for Johnnie.

Hawaiian word:
Wa’a: canoe

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Beach Walk 609R – Walk with Me and Dream

Today is a replay of one of my favorite Beach Walks episodes – originally Beach Walk 150.

Please join me for a few Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar to greet this day. As I stretched into the first back bend with my eyes open to heaven, I saw a waning full moon directly overhead in the deep blue sky. It reminded me of our connection across the many miles of land, sea, and sky. And I smiled at that.

Yoga means “union” so this seemed a natural, reinforcing event. Frequent visitors to Beach Walks will remember Show 116 with my friend Shaina Noll. You can hear one my my favorite songs from Shaina, “Dream” in today’s show. This moving meditation was also inspired by Jen and Kent’s Know Your Dreaming. Mahalo nui loa to all of you beautiful souls.

Today’s special show music is Dream by Shaina Noll.
Darest thou now oh soul; walk with me into the unknown.
You can buy the song Dream on iTunes here.

Hawaiian word:
Pilina: union

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Beach Walk 602R – Magic in the Mundane

Most all religions and also a big chunk of the new age movement imply or implore that we follow a strict regimen of behaviors in order to be happy, to have grace shine upon us, to get those parking spaces, and to live happily ever after.

I don’t buy it. I think happiness can be found by finding pleasure in the small things, the little mundane aspects of life that themselves are gems of pleasure. By focusing too much on the big things, or holding out happiness until [fill in the blank here], we miss the pleasures in the now.

This is classic #2 vs #1 stuff. The #2 is only impressed by the new, the large, the grand. The #1 can learn to find contentment just about anywhere.

For Lexi, every toss of her ball appears just as wonderful and compelling as the previous, or the next!

P.S. Shane and Rox are traveling this week so please enjoy some of our Beach Walks Classic Episodes! This was originally aired as Episode 206.

Hawaiian word:
Hoʻokalakupua: magic

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Beach Walk 578 – Elephants and Giraffes

My cold came back, and so I am dressed for warmth (NOT fashion!) on this windy morning!

There is the very old email that I received again last week from a very dear friend. Reading it this time I figured out why I didn’t like it. It has that superior, “gottcha!” energy to it, and when examined, is actually based on a grammatical and logic errors. Read it yourself here and note the second comment from “Anon.” This person came to the same conclusions as I did, 🙂 Thinking outside the box is a great concept, but it rarely can be boiled down to something so simplistic and illogical as this little ditty. It just gives consultants a bad name. And really, we do much more useful stuff for our clients than make them feel stupid for not being able to guess the “correct” answer to juvenile, artificial constructs.

Hawaiian Word:
Hewa: error

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Beach Walk 573 – Deeply Oddly True

We watched an episode of The Iconoclasts last night with surfer Laird Hamilton and Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder.

Both are celebrities of course, and they also are living their true natures, deeply and truly. What if permission isn’t required to be yourself? What if the part of us we think is the broken or odd part is actually the truest part? Food for thought for Monday.

Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel
Buy Series 2 on iTunes

Hawaiian Word:
Like ʻole: three

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