Beach Walk 209 – What if everybody did what they loved?

I missed the boat last week but I got to visit Marian and learn her version of “do what you love.”

I’ve been paddling with Marian for over a year, but as it goes, we hop into the boat, paddle, then go our own ways. We both missed the boat last week, and she invited me over to her wood shop for a life-inspiring visit. She made a major career change a few years ago and now loves to talk about the process she went through and her belief that you too can do what you love!

She is busy this week making several hundred koa wood trophies for the Na Wahine O Ke Kai canoe race this Sunday. She says making the trophies (plaques, platters, and boxes) can get repetitious but they pay the bills and allow her time to build furniture and other specialty items. I find Marian a lovely combination of very practical yet also inspired wisdom and certainly one who walks her talk when it comes to living your dreams!

You heard her mention koa wood a lot. Koa is special to us here in Hawai’i. It is a native tree, represents bravery and courage, and is used for canoes, ukuleles, and furniture.

Marian mentioned the DIY Network as one of the ways she learns new things.

Hawaiian words
Lāʻau: wood
Loli: change

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