Beach Walk 11 – Success is a State of Mind

E komo mai to show number 11 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Oscars have had a long line of highly pressured hosts. The competition for that job is steep! If Jon Stewart isn’t afraid of bombing during the Oscars, then heck, I’ve got nothing to lose to try new things and stay detached from the results.

About Today’s Show:

More on the sticky wicket of success. I was reading Tom Peter’s blog today and a discussion on competition. I like competition when it inspires creativity and helps me enjoy the process of what I am doing. Mixing my energy with others in the same pursuit does seem to stimulate new neurons to fire. Since I am less interested in the product aka result (a sacrilege, I know), it only helps me to enjoy what I am doing, including the hard parts. I find too much emphasis on the results actually impairs them, and can ruin personal relationships too. In our outrigger paddling clubs, we refer to it as “paddletics” and the intra-team competition can be far meaner than the inter-team competition.

Then I read an article in Honolulu Magazine, saying that Hawaii have more people who live to be 100 (per capita) than any other state. It was partly attributed to a “happy go lucky” attitude. I loved that, as just yesterday Lexi reminded me that getting the ball does not have to be hard work. If I am tired, or whatever, I can wait and let the luck of the waves to wash it back in to shore. Here is Hawaii, we are happy and often say, “lucky to live Hawaii.”

Hawaiian words
pōmaikaʻi: good fortune, blessedness, lucky
kali: wait

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