Beach Walk 705 – When Little Things Bother Us

Poor parking job. Who cares? Only the monkey mind, a sign of tiredness, or loss of focus. An opportunity for consciousness arises out of the sand though. Don’t sweat the manini stuff. And remember the bumper sticker: Well-behaved women rarely make history.

Hawaiian Word:
Manini: small

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Beach Walk 643 – Tired Cranky, Rested Happy

Given that things are never black and white, I still like having little tricks that can help me 80-90% of the time. In today’s case, it is remembering that one of the main causes of crankiness is just plain being tired. In fact, just by remembering that point all by itself, I can relax and not let the little things “get to me” regardless of my sleep deficit. Step 1 = understanding the connection between fatigue and short fuse (get sleep when possible). Step 2 = realizing that the crankiness is not related to my current situation (move back to center as I detach from the distractions).

Hawaiian word:
Māluhiluhi: tired
Maha: rest

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Beach Walk 434 – Timeout by Kaile

I was reminded of the value of timeout by my 2 year old friend Kaile. She knows when to take one; I seem to wait until after I’m too tired to do much more than spew.

Lots of people believe that little children really are tapped into a deep sense of understanding about how life works, only to lose it over time in the grand socialization process. It sure does help in the relationship department, knowing when to say when.

You can see a little more of Miss Kaile in episode #351.

Hawaiian Word:
Luhi: tired

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