Beach Walk 519R – Tattoo Story

Tattooing is popular in Hawaiian culture.

Today we meet some young gentle men who are in various stages of acquiring their tattoos, and they shared their personal stories with us.

Tattoo Artist: Mike Ledger
Watch my friend Cheryl Colan getting her “moko” in New Zealand.

Hawaiian Word:
Kākau: tattoo

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Beach Walk 417 – Tattoo Story

I met four very nice guys with beautiful tattoos and great tattoo stories too.

We parked next to these gentle men who were just returning from the beach. I hope you will be as touched by their stories and politeness as I was. I love these unplanned encounters with interesting people.

Their Tattoo Artist: Mike Ledger Inc.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Kākau: tattoo

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