Beach Walk 762 – Whale Instead of Sail on Maui

Come swimming with us on Maui and listen to the sounds of whales underwater.

We were visiting Maui as guests of the Maui Visitors Bureau and were booked for a sailing canoe venture. This was going to be the highlight of my week as you all know how much I love the Hawaiian canoe! But, the wind was in town and the trip was canceled, much to my disappointment.

Maui is not called the “Magic Isle” for nothing though! Since we were already at the beach, we went in for a swim. The water is clear and beautiful so naturally I was underwater straight away. And then I heard something really familiar, but familiar only from my iPod not from “real life.”

Sure enough, it was the whales singing to me, “Don’t be disappointed Rox! We’re out here in the deep water reminding you all is well! Swim in this warm beautiful sea and you’ll find fun and pleasure all around you.” I cannot tell you how excited I was! In all my years of being underwater and seeing whales from boats, I have never once heard them singing while underwater. It was such a good reminder for all of us on vacation: don’t get too attached to any one thing! As Vene said, “there are treasures and mysteries awaiting us” – if we let it all flow.

Maui Sailing Canoe Adventures

Please go explore the VisitMauiBlog for more stories, photos, and videos of our week on Maui. It is the perfect way to spend a little time on Maui and to plan your next vacation or business retreat. Mahalo nui to the Maui Visitors Bureau for inviting us to be their guests.

Hawaiian word:
Hoʻokalakupua: magic

This episode was sponsored by the Maui Visitors Bureau.

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Beach Walk 548 – Exercise: More or Less Energy?

We took straight to the water because I am really in an exercise deficit these days.

It has fallen off my calendar as I’ve been busier and busier this year. I’ve become really aware of how much it actually supports me. At the same time, I also realize that not everyone is like me. I am learning not to impose my preferences on others, though I do drag Shane and Lexi along as much as possible.

Hawaiian Word:
Ikehu: energy

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Beach Walk 222 OTR – Let’s Swim with Daniel McVicar

Hey! It’s a bold and beautiful “convention walk” with Daniel McVicar as Beach Walks is On The Road.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

Many know Daniel as an actor; he’s got the classic good looks and personality for a dozen of us. But he also has a heart full of gold and is immersed in the world of videoblogging for the conversation. Watch this episode to find out how and why. Then let’s get this conversation started! – Daniel’s video blog
Our long time supporter and mentor, Dorothy.
Podcast Pickle

Pardon the bumpy pans…I am flying solo right now without Secret Cameraman! Walking backwards, filming, and interviewing Daniel on the spur of the moment, oh – and editing and encoding too. 🙂

Hawaiian words
Manawaleʻa: generous heart
Hoʻoponopono: Mental cleansing in which relationships are set right through prayer, discussion, confession, restitution and forgiveness

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Beach Walk 73 – Asking for Help

Let’s go for a swim!

h3. About Today’s Show

Lexi and I went swimming today. Another opportunity for me to clear my head and talk about another big shift from last century to know. It’s becoming normal to ask for help. I have lived most of my life with a deeply ingrained resistance to it but I am slowly discovering the pleasure of it all.

Hawaiian words
Help: kokua
Noi: request
Mahalo nui loa: heart felt thank you

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