Beach Walk 510 – Sad Ferry, Happy Animals

The Super Ferry has been shut down for now, awaiting an Environmental Impact Study or new legislation, or both.

We here in Hawai’i have been getting some bad press about this issue. And some people are truly upset. Most that I have spoken with are reasonable – do the study, plan for potential problems, but bottom line the ferry will add value to many lives.

By a sort of co-incidence, my friend Ava sent a link to this slide show about a polar bear frolicking with some dogs up in the Arctic. I found the pictures truly amazing, and I keep returning to the thought, Animals Are Conscious. (See “BW #162 and BW #448.) That doesn’t mean they do not sometimes need our protection; it just means that in many cases they are capable of taking care of themselves.

BTW, we sure had a lot of dogs on the beach playing with us today too.

Peter sent this in case you want to express your opinion:
Email All Representatives at: [email protected]
Email All Senators at: [email protected]

Not all receive email, so you may receive a few bounce messages; not to worry.

Hawaiian Word:
Lokomaikai: generosity, kindness

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Beach Walk 492 – SuperFerry, Super Sad

As you know I rarely take on controversial issues. So I approach our local SuperFerry issue very sadly.

I am not prepared to take a side just yet, though I am prepared to say that I was looking very forward to riding it. But it appears our fellow Hawaiians on the neighbor islands do not want it, or us from Oʻahu visiting their island. I understand some of it as I have been reading about it, though it took me by surprise. I would prefer that people talk it out instead of politic it – and that is how I see it for now. There will be a lot of hurt feelings and ill will created before this gets resolved.

Hawaiian Word:
hoʻokaumaha: to cause sadness

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