Beach Walk 590 – Bob & Susan’s Hawaii Vacation

If you follow the comments on Beach Walks or have joined us over on The Reef (our social network) then you’ve no doubt come across “Bob from Canada.”

For the month of February, he is “Bob from Hawaii” and is joined by his charming wife Susan. We met for a sunset walk at Magic Island, followed by dinner and “dessert” at a live Mighty J concert. That fulfills my definition of “Life is Good!” We talk about Bob and Susan’s trip to the big waves on the north shore and when (and when not) to get a car in Waikiki.

Hawaiian Word:
Malihini: newcomer, tourist

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Beach Walk 564 – The Rat Dilemmma

One of the most dramatic change we are all experiencing is the openness and transparency that so many people are willing to communicate.

Of course the whole blogging phenomenon of taking the private journal public plays a role, as does the feminist movement of 40 years ago when women came out of their solitary kitchens and started talking to each other about their personal lives. We still have a long way to go – but! Being able to acknowledge irritating things likes rats in the attic is part of the process of realizing our shared connections. I am wanting this to filter down to the playground sooner than later.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻiole: rat, mouse, rodent

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Beach Walk 160 – Sunset Beach Moves

Bizzy at work today but finally made it to the beach for some sunset moves. Save this show for repeat use!

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About Today’s Show

When was the last time you got your heart rate up? When it’s caused by exercise, I love it! When caused by stress? Well, that’s another story.

Save this show! You can re-use it whenever you want to do a little bit of exercise in Hawaii. Doing Beach Walks every day I’ve fallen way behind on my workouts…I hope you haven’t!

Hawaiian words
Kokua: help
Welo: setting of the sun
Haʻihaʻi: limbering

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