Beach Walk 217 – Give Change a Chance

Back when I learned about the dark side of sunscreen, I was also hearing about problems with sunglasses. I am going to change my habits and see what happens.

Quite a while back in Show #67 I learned that sunscreen may actually be contributing to more skin cancer, not less! This really took me by surprise, but I am a scientist at heart so I looked at the data and changed my ways.

Now I am going to tackle the issue of wearing sunglasses.

I have grown quite dependent on them, and really can hardly bear to be outside without them. But some people think they may cause more eye problems, and I am meeting more and more people who forgo them.

But the main topic of today’s show is how hard it can be to suffer through the change period when I want to try an alternate or opposite approach to something. I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to just stop at the start and say, “This does not feel good” when I haven’t really allowed myself time to acclimate. So I’ll be trying to find out if I can learn to be more comfortable and healthy without sunglasses. What would you like to try changing, knowing that the transition might not feel so good? Leave a comment or email me with yours.

Hawaiian words
Loli: change

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