Beach Walk 663 – Kuleana Counts

One of my favorite Hawaiian words is kuleana.

I love the sound of it and I love the meaning of it. It basically means to take care of your “business.” It seems so instinctual to blame others for our problems, but really, there is little hope in that! Much easier to pick up the pieces and to change ourselves than to wait around for others to make us happy. That’s not to say you can’t hold others accountable; indeed that’s appropriate. I am talking about the knee-jerk blame response – let’s unplug from that old one.

Hawaiian word:
Kuleana: responsibility, business

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Beach Walk 213 – Bye Bye Summer

Just plain old goofy ocean fun for the last weekend of summer.

We took a trip to a “secret” beach, at the bottom of the cliffs where we filmed “Show #64”, at Makapu’u Point. It was rainy and windy and the surf was up, but that didn’t stop us from hiking down for a swim in a beautiful cove all by ourselves, only 20 minutes from Waikiki!

Our friends Chris, Lana, and Brentdog introduced us to this beautiful place. Visit VlogMap to see the location. (Click on “Map this geovlogged video”.)

Kau pau. Even here in Hawai’i.

Hawaiian words
Kau: summer
Pau: finished

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