Beach Walk 294 – Spammers, Leaf Me Alone!

Rox has a rare rant session. We’re getting fax spam at home, all hours of the day the phone is ringing.

Some of you have probably also been reading about (and suffering from!) the explosion in spam the past month, along with way too many unsolicited copies of catalogs.

Hello clueless companies and creeps! Stop it. You want our attention? Put up a good web site. Support independent media. Do good things so we will want to talk about you to our friends. Otherwise please leave me alone.

Or as Kaile’s t-shirt says, “Leaf Me Alone.” We stopped by her house on the way home from the beach. I just loved that synchronicity! You’ll have to watch the whole show to see it though. 🙂

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Hoʻokahi: alone

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