Beach Walk 634 – Blood or Soul

My friend Neenz (aka @infinitypro) took a new job that meant she left the family business for work in her new profession of choice: geeking out at

She compared the family business to being in her blood, while the tech stuff is in her soul. This started me thinking of a whole little grid:

They often represent opposites, though they certainly don’t have to. Listen up to hear how Neenz’ family is managing her transition.

Visit Neenz on the web and mahalo nui to Ryan Ozawa for his lovely photo of Neenz.

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Hawaiian word:
ʻOhana: family

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Beach Walk 152 – Soul Rules

Here’s a structure for sorting out the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physicals aspects of yourself.

About Today’s Show

Despite my attempt to take the charge off of Monday energy, I awoke last night and had trouble falling back asleep. At times like that, I like to use other aspects of my awareness to break the energy of the #2 who likes to stir the anxiety pot anytime night or day. In this case, I got up and did some reading, to take my mind off the worries and into something altogether different. It helped; I fell back asleep. 🙂

Here is the concept in terms of managing your power.
Soul rules the mind. Mind rules the heart. Heart rules the body. Soul rules. When I am out of sorts with one aspect of me, I engage something else to shift or move the energy. If I am at work, and feel the impulse to release a bunch of negative frustration, I may use my mind to tell myself: not a good time or place. Put this on hold and then have a good cry or stomp when I get home. Getting that stuff to move through me brings me back to ease and awareness. Learning to manage the how and when, builds my muscle against the #2 who is only about now or never, now and forever.

Hawaiian words
ʻUhane: soul
Manaʻo: mind
Puʻuwai: heart
Kino: body

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