Beach Walk 645 – Underwater Myths

I think I may be on one end of this spectrum, but I sometimes experience a little let down when I stick my head in goggles under the water. What we see published in magazines and in underwater films is amazing scenery. In reality, it usually does not look that perfect-pretty. Water absorbs a lot of light, so unless you are diving with a light or at high noon in clear, shallow water, you will not see the same colors with your eyes that a camera with light can. So today we are going underwater on an average day, with no special effects, to give you the expected view, if not the perfected view. I still love it anyway, and I hope it helps set your expectations to a more reasonable comfort zone too.

Hawaiian word:
Kohu ʻoiaʻiʻo: realistic

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Beach Walk 132 – Sea Creatures

Living independently of the land today.

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h3. About Today’s Show

We departed the shore and went for a wander in the water today. Cali – we found honu! This is the mouth of the Kawai Nui Marsh so the bottom is a little sandy, nonetheless the water experience was wonderful. We hope you enjoy it!

We just love our “go anywhere” camera – it can take still pics and movies, and can move easily from land to sea. Olympus 720 SW

Show music is by Quantum Soul: Sunlight of the Day

Hawaiian words
Kai: sea
Honu: turtle

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Beach Walk 94 – Going to Vloggercon

Lots of updates for you on today’s show plus a journey underwater.

h3. About Today’s Show

* we’re going to Vloggercon in San Francisco June 10-11. We made a promo for the conference and included it in today’s show. Can you recognize the tribute to Bob Dylan?

We’ll be in San Francisco for Vloggercon on June 8-11 and plan to film some shows at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hawaiian words
Lalo kai: underwater

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