Beach Walk 96 – Longer and/or Smarter

I like tease apart energies that are taken for granted, but in reality can vary considerably.

h3. About Today’s Show

Today I am teasing apart the notion that just because you have been doing something for longer than someone else, you are automatically better at it. This gets bantered around a lot in sports, in business, heck, even in families! The “older” ones like to pull rank on the “younger” ones. But actually, it’s my observation that time is not the most determining factor for being competent at something, but rather curiosity and a willingness to both seek out and let in, new information.

Remember it doesn’t matter whether you are curious or not, whether you like to change and grow or not. Everyone is entitled to seek and use as much as or as little info as they like. I am definitely a seeker, and I must admit it bugs me when others try to pull rank on me for no reason other than more years.

So this is how I practice consciousness: stay neutral instead of judgmental when it comes to others ways of being, yet still be able to know and express my personal preferences.

Hawaiian words
Naʻauao: wise
ʻō.pio: young
Mua: older

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