Beach Walk 726R – Binary Zen

Binary refers to how computers work: things basically boil down to ones and zeros. It makes for a very black and white appearance. Yet I am meeting more and more geeky guys who have an artful and spiritual side which I consider the opposite of 1-0. There are so many examples in life where drilled down deep or taken out wide, they become the opposite of themselves. You can check out the video on (Originally aired on January 14, 2008)

Hawaiian Word:
Kūʻē: opposite

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Beach Walk 691 – Doing IT Around the World

I was recently invited to be one of 44 women in technology around the world who on August 11th, documented their day.

The goal, organized by Sonja Bernhardt, was to illustrate women in every time zone with diverse technology careers so as to inspire young women to choose tech as a career path. Visit the web site where you can download PDF versions of the women in each region, and a formal book is being published as well. The date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the awarding of a technology patent to Hedy Lamarr. Most of us know her as an actress, but she also helped invent technology that later was the basis of wifi! is the main site and here are some of my female colleagues. Please visit them too!

Claudia Morrell, MDWIT – Multinational Development of Women and Technology
Gillian Blackmore, Cyberaid Limited
Jamie Hatch, Commander, United States Pacific Fleet and Computer Sciences Corporation
Kate Ackerman, Green Tea Creative
Kim Sheree, B-free Pty Ltd
Mary E Black, Implementek
Pia Waugh, Waugh Partners
Sarah Ruth Ochieng, SkyData Ltd
Sonja Bernhardt, i.on my business

Hawaiian Word:
Wahine: woman

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Beach Walk 674 – How to Embed Video in a Web Site

You know, some things Shane and I just take for granted. Then we realize the ignorance of our ways. Such is the case on “embedding a video” on your web page. We thought “everyone” knew how to do that but we were wrong. People have been emailing me asking how to do it, since I have mentioned it a few times. So let’s have a little lesson at the beach today. Please let me know of this makes things clearer for you! And if not, ask your questions and we will do a part 2 as desired.

NOTE: Looks like I forgot to “publish” this last week. Here it has been sitting in the cue hidden from you. So sorry! Rox

Hawaiian word:
Mahele: share

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Beach Walk 665 – Low Tech Skin Care

I’ve learned about a new type of treated fabric that in combination with the sun, actually provides a special light therapy for your skin.

It’s made by SunSoul and you can see it with the hat I am wearing today. I love it when we can use low tech solutions that are self-managed instead of going into an office for a complex procedure & machinery.

Mahalo to Mark Manaoat and Jon Redmond for introducing today’s episode! I met them while they were rescuing a nudibranch that had washed up on the shore.

Hawaiian word:
Lā: sun

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Beach Walk 664 – Covered Wagons 2.0

Dealing with technology some days is just like people who explored the west centuries ago.

You start off on a path that looks good, then encounter an obstacle. Sometimes you can get around it, sometimes you have to go back and start a new path. We’ve been dealing with that on Beach Walks eh? New software, breaks old paths. Some people have old version, some have new version. Not all upgrades are “backwards compatible.” Sometimes files have to be re-encoded. Mahalo nui for being side by side adventurers with us!

Hawaiian word:
ʻImi loa: explore

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