Beach Walk 327 – The Sunglass Dilemma

If you think something is not replaceable, do you take better care of it?

I seem to misplace and lose my sunglasses a lot. It may be genetic (sorry Mom). But it may also be related to the fact that I don’t consider them precious at all and can easily replace them if lost.

As compared to Secret Cameraman, who was raised with the notion of, “You lose this one, you’re not getting another one, so pay attention!”

He certainly has a good point. Scarcity can actually be supportive in this case. Do you find that scarcity changes your behavior or stimulates your neurons in different ways than abundance does?

Sorry about the hiccups. They did go away after a nice swim in the ocean.

Hawaiian words
Kakaʻikahi: scarce
Nui: abundant

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