Beach Walk 771 – Life is a play ground, not a proving ground

This is a playground! It’s OK to be you now, try new things, break down old systems – you are entitled to be here and you have nothing to prove.

How much energy would you save if you were not having to prove things – to yourself or to others. How much easier would it be, to just be you? What sort of ideas would flow to you and how easy would they be to execute if your mind was not second-guessing you on a regular basis? You have nothing to prove. As for others approving you, also not necessary. Just a few ideas to play with this week, another installment of the Beachwalks Philosophy!

Love to you, from Maui,


Hawaiian Word
Kahua: playground, foundation

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Beach Walk 410 – Happy, Safe, in Bali

I am putting platitudes into practice and taking off for a spontaneous trip to Bali. Consider it a perk of being over 50.

In the subset of workaholic humans, I have a front row seat, mostly because I like my work! But I had this deep urge to come to Bali, and the resources to do it. So life goes on, and I am on the other side of the world from my usual spot.

The topic is safety, and I could have gone on for a loooong time. But I am limiting myself to keep from being hostage at the internet cafe for too long.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Palekana: safe, not in danger
Hauʻoli: happy

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