Beach Walk 657 – Running Stretches

A new acquaintance of mine on Twitter, Cheryl Smith, is working on a running program and was looking for some Achilles Heel stretches, and I offered to show her some of my favorites on a Beach Walks episode. Thanks to @ChrisBrogan for connecting Cheryl and me.

Knowing me as you do, I thought starting off a Monday with some s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g would be good for most of us! The first two are simple with a bonus yoga stretch at the end. Remember to stretch your upper and lower calves, with a straight leg and a bent leg.

Hawaiian word:
Kīkoʻo: stretch

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Beach Walk 386 – Visual Rewards with NikePlus

Take a peek at the online interface and exercise tracking tools from NikePlus and the iPod Nano.

Still “glowing” (and a little short for words) from my one hour run, I plug in the NikePlus tracking device to my computer and show the stunning visuals that track my distance, speed, and accumulated records.

We were not compensated in any way for this show and we paid full retail for all of the gear used in this show. If you want to join NikePlus and create a challenge together, please let me know!

iPod Nano Sport Kit
Mindy’s Outrigger Site

Hawaiian words
Holo: run

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Beach Walk 385 – Slow Down, Run Faster

Almost ran out of time today, so you get to learn about the running class Lexi and I are taking.

I also have an interview with the owner of Fleet Feet, Susan Redpath. She tells us about the Running for Women program (and this advice is not just for women), and I talk about my cool NikePlus tracker. But more on that in tomorrow’s show!

David in Austin: I am getting ready for your mileage challenge. Thinking about the first week in April now.

Hawaiian words
Holo: run

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