Beach Walk 563 – Just Being Here Now

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Beach Walk 536 – Got a Cold; So What?

I caught a cold this week; some would say because I work too hard, but then again, a little friend of mine had a cold and I was busy wiping her runny nose a lot!

I am not a believer in absolute rights – that somehow if I lived “right” I wouldn’t have caught the cold. Even if it was from all my hard work and long hours, so what? I choose to push myself very hard; if that means I crash a little every now and then, it’s OK by me. It’s about getting off my case, thinking I should somehow be different, that life would be better without speed bumps. Sounds really silly as I write it, but I know, it’s easy to get caught up in things in the moment!

If you are new here to Beach Walks, I talk about the #2 personality in Episode 102

Hawaiian Word:
Pololei: right, correct
Hewa: wrong

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Beach Walk 342 – Inner Guidance Over Rules

More discussion about having inner guidance as compared to following external abstract rules.

It’s very tempting to find comfort in rules, or having things pre-decided in black and white terms. But I find it breaks down too often, and in fact can impede problem-solving.

I prefer to use my inner guidance to help me decide how to act. That compass can be flexible and patient, taking time to weigh new information rather than pretend all situations are the same.

I’d love to hear how you manage conflict and inconsistencies.

Hawaiian words
Huikau: confusion

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