Beach Walk 668 – Love Heals, Love Hurts

My niece broke up with her boyfriend recently. She has just graduated from college (with all kinds of honors) but unfortunately IQ does not protect you from a broken heart. Somewhere in the pain is a gift. And in the meantime, some pretty scenery to move our attention to something else.

Hawaiian word:
Lapaʻau: heal
ʻEha: hurt
Aloha: love

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Beach Walk 650 – Co/In/Inter/Dependency

Earlier this week (Beach Walk 647) I was talking about balancing transparency and privacy. We tend to want it in differing amounts depending on the situation and whether we are giving or receiving. The episode stirred a lot of comments, so I thought I would carry on more as it relates to personal relationships. And invariably the topic of codependency comes up!

Hawaiian word:
kāʻokoʻa: independent

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Beach Walk 630 – It Takes One

Relationships can be so illuminating and so misleading.

I often find myself wishing the others would just change, instead of focusing on myself, which is the only change that really matters, the only change where I have any power or influence. Focusing the light on each of us by each of us a great way to start the week I think. It’s a beautiful day and we are joined by my little friend Kaile, who is just learning to explore the power she has as one little person, in a relationship.

Sidebar: We changed our format to wide screen today. Please let me know what you think of it!

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Hawaiian word:
Hoʻokahai: one (person)

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Beach Walk 623 – Solving Problems Side by Side

If you watch this show regularly, you know that I like teasing apart the little nuances and discrepancies in how we use words, the language.

It packs so much subtle energy, and that energy can actually interfere with the pursuit of happiness IMO. One example is the difference between compromise and negotiation. In compromise, it looks like two people facing (off) against each other, with the problem in the middle. Both people typically feel like they have to give up something in order to solve the problem in the middle, to save the relationship, which is also in the middle. In negotiation, people can sit side by side and face the problem/relationship together, looking to see how much of a win each can gain from creative problem-solving. Negotiation is deliciously devoid of tit for tat energy.

Hawaiian word:
Lanakila: win, triumph

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Beach Walk 552 – Bitterness or Bliss?

If ignorance is bliss, then what does that make intelligence???

It’s a challenge when you’re smart – you see nonsense all around you! But staying too attached to that can just create bitterness, and that makes the high IQ a little less useful in my book.

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