Beach Walk 210 – Facts or Feelings?

Can you tell whether someone is reporting facts or feelings? It still trips me up from time to time.

One of the things I like to do on Beach Walks is explore the mechanical underpinnings of life – so it is easier to spot trends and find fixes to those recurring irritants. Of course one of the most common problems we deal with is communication.

Secret Cameraman and I get into these tiffs where we start off talking about things as if they were factual. But in reality, we are expressing a feeling, a perspective, not a fact. Listen to the show to see exactly what I mean, and where consciousness comes into the conversation!

In the process, we recognize that reality is quite subjective.

Mentioned in today’s show:
Rabbit Bites (Turn down your speakers!)

Hawaiian words
Mea kūʻiʻo: fact
aʻau: feelings

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Beach Walk 78 – Negotiate or Compromise?

I love bringing things to consciousness and vlogging about various topics is definitely supportive of the process.

h3. About Today’s Show

One of my favorite things — teasing apart the subtle differences — in this case between negotiation and compromise. To me, it’s much easier to negotiate between energetic peers. We may not be literally equal in all ways, but if we have respect for both self and other, then it is much easier to arrive at an agreement without either person having to cough up or experience loss.

Negotiation comes from strength; compromise is often associated with weakness. The paraglider is negotiating the wind, not attempting to compromise with it. He knows how to work his sail with the power of the wind to get what he wants.

Hawaiian words
Kūkākūkā: negotiate
ʻAelike hoʻokuʻu ma kahi: compromise, one side gives up

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Beach Walk 51 – R U Friends w/ Your Ex?

We got so lucky today.

Somehow managed to grab the 5 minutes of sunshine that was allotted to this entire day! I joined Lexi in the water and we had the beach almost all to ourselves. I guess the world is yours if you’re willing to go out in “bad” weather.

h3. About Today’s Show

Meanwhile, back to the topic of the show! Secret camera man is in Europe, with his former wife. He’s having a blast and I couldn’t be happier for him. It’s not easy, breaking the legacy of jealousy. But I enjoy life so much more being on good terms with my and his ex’s. Mind you, this ain’t true for all my ex’s but when it works, it’s sweet!

How goes it with you? Would you push your mate off on a foreign trip with one of his/her former flames?

I tried a new wide format that works when the tide is out. What do you think of it?

Tip: If you leave a message on the conch, please speak up so we can hear you! It’s noisy out there by the wind and waves. :-)

Hawaiian words
Lili: jealous
Pili: relationship; adjoin, be close to

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