Beach Walk 625 – Have you heard Reef Radio?

Back in January we launched our social community, The Reef.

It’s a great place to hang out and meet the brilliant wonderful people who watch and love Beach Walks! Yes, it is free. And you can create your own pages and upload your own pictures, music, and videos.

We have just now released Reef Radio! It’s a keiki (child) for now, but you can start listening to our downtempo and contemporary Hawaiian music. Coming soon we’ll be inserting Beach Walks excerpts and also opening it up to screened, like-minded advertisers.

P.S. I will be at Podcamp NYC this Fri and Sat.

Hawaiian word:
Lekiō: radio

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Beach Walk 610 – We quit!

Shane and I are tired of doing Beach Walks; we’re retreating back into our caves as being on the leading edge is just too tiresome.

But fear not! Several Beach Walks viewers have ideas for a replacement show. Watch them here and then tell us which you prefer. Go here to get your own cave pic.

Hawaiian word:
Ha’alele: to quit

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Beach Walk 589 – Changes Over Time

Buddy started a discussion over on The Reef about the difference between what we think we will become as children and what develops as we actually grow up.

Combined with how people seem stuck in. Lots of insights from Susan, Earl, and William, including a mention of Lou Holtz’s list of 100 things. He says people don’t realize they may not have as much time as they think. There’s plenty more on the reef; please join us over there.

Hawaiian Word:
Keiki: children

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Beach Walk 544 – Come to The Reef!

Ta Da! We have finally launched a community website for all of us to join together and “conversate.”

We’ve wanted to do this for – ahem – about a year, but month after month the time slipped by. It’s a place to go deeper, deeper into our discussions, our connections, and a place to explore meeting new people from across the globe.

Once you create a membership, you will be able to upload your photos, your videos, post your discussion topics, and Shane and I will get to know you better. You’ll also get to know us better and each other too. We have big plans and really want your input.

Hawaiian Word:
Laupapa: reef

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