Beach Walk 720 – Unruffled: That is My Goal

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I admire Barack Obama’s ability to stay cool in public. David Brooks, of the New York Times, pointed this out to me – that in fact over two years of intense campaigning, he did not rant, did not get petty. This sense of resolve and non-ranting in public is a Hawaiian value, onipaʻa, from the the time of the overthrow of the monarchy. It was the motto of King Kamehameha V and Queen Liliʻuokalani. You will find that ranting in public will not get you many results here in the land of Aloha.

Hawaiian Word:
Onipaʻa; _determination, resolute_

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Beach Walk 561 – Sometimes It Is Hard

Rain for weeks now.

Software failures. Camera breaks at the beach. Water closed from sewer overflow caused by rain. Such is the cycle of life the past 24 hours. Nonetheless, we have an episode for you!

Beach Walk 463 – One Minute Rant
Beach Walk 329 – One Minute Rants

Hawaiian Word:
Paʻakikī: hard, difficult

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Beach Walk 515R – One Minute Rant

This is one of my favorite episodes! Join me to blow off some steam, under water.

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Beach Walk 463 – One Minute Rant

Grrrr. I thought I was so organized today. But arrived at the beach without my newly charged battery. I was so frustrated. I managed to eke out a fun episode though.

I consider it an homage to my many friends who are willing and able to let their raves and rants all hang out. Here are a few of my faves: Rupert Howe, Clintus McGintus, and Steve and Zadi on Jet Set

Please join me for a stress-reducing one-minute rant! Underwater!

Hawaiian Word:
Nuku: rant

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