Beach Walk 777 – Be the Effect and SUP!

Join us on a 3-mile downwind standup paddle run on Maui’s north shore with The Butterfly Effect crew!

I tagged along with my friend JT (a multi-time Ironwoman) at this awesomely fun event for women and girls here on Maui’s north shore last weekend. The Butterfly Effect is a nonprofit run by Tatiana Howard – a pro kite surfer, SUPer and windsurfer. She puts on “Be The Effect” events all around the world as a way to give back to the community and inspire a new generation of water women to grow their skills and confidence and care for the environment. Sadly my GoPro fell off my board just as the race was starting however Tati has a great video here you can enjoy!

Secret Cameraman Shane was there as our support and camera crew. One of Maui’s top pro water and sports photographers – Erik Aeder – shared some his before and on the water shots with us. We met at the end of the race by “coincidence” and shared a ride back to the starting line to get cars. Check out his work – it is beautiful, and book an underwater portrait session with him next time you are on Maui!

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Just when I thought I was out of juice near the end of the three miles, I did manage to smoke past two young butterflies. Look closely near the end of our episode for the photo finish! Which of course is nothing considering JT took 5th overall! Mind you, it wasn’t really a race – more of a stroll – and everyone had such a lovely day on the stunningly beautiful water on Maui’s North Shore.

Hawaiian Word:
Pulelehua: butterfly

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standup paddle race with The Butterfly Effect on North Shore Maui

Beach Walk 707 – The Race Against Racism

Do you think of yourself as a racist? Chances are no, That doesn’t mean you don’t have latent racism. Nicholas Kristof wrote a piece in the NY Times that really helps to explain it.

Rather, most of the votes that Mr. Obama actually loses belong to well-meaning whites who believe in racial equality and have no objection to electing a black person as president — yet who discriminate unconsciously.

The cure? Out yourself when you have a racist thought, even if it’s embarrassing. It helps I think to flush up those legacy thoughts that have been passed down from generation to generation, just like, “put a coat on or you’ll catch a cold!” Paying attention and breaking the habit – that does work.

Welcome back to Hawaii Barack Obama. I filmed this before I knew of your impending visit.

Hawaiian Word:
Lāhui: race of people
Heihei: contest

This conversation is continued over here, Are You Responsible for Your Subconscious?

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Beach Walk 164 – Hawaii State Canoe Races

Remember the women we met in show #72? They qualified for the State Championships!

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About Today’s Show

Today we are at the Hawaii State Outrigger Canoe Championship Races. Paddlers from all over the Hawaiian Islands come to compete. Ages range from 12-60+ and this is one adrenalin packed day! There are a limited number of racing lanes; each crew must earn enough points during the regular racing season to qualify.

Notice the beautiful all wood canoes, hand-carved from a single koa tree log.

This show features the Novice B women’s race and Novice B Mixed (women and men) race. You may recognize some of the paddlers from show #72, when they were just starting their training. You Lost fans may also recognize “Krengel” who is AD on the TV show, and was guest director on Beach Walk #64.

Lost fans: I also recommend this site by Ryan and Jen, two Hawaii friends of ours.

Today’s extra show music is “Memory” by Annika and can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.

Hawaiian words
Wa’a: canoe
Hoe: paddle

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