Beach Walk 734 – Updating the Database

Updating my database: servers do it automatically every few minutes in some cases- the Internet is so smart, it knows we are constantly changing!

One of the things I am changing is feeling under-appreciated. I had this awareness that I get my satisfaction and pleasure from what I am doing in the moment. Yet I too often have front-loaded and back-loaded things with expectations. They impact the energy and the experience itself. I am choosing to give up that habit as I am a pleasure seeking person! I have re-purposed the pity pot I used to have into a compost bin where my “I am done with that” thoughts go to be reconfigured. Now I ask myself, “Rox, are things being done to you or for you?” This changes the energy in a heart beat. (Because I understand now it’s all for me. And it’s all good.)

Hawaiian word:
Hōkeo ʻikepili: data bank, collection of information

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Beach Walk 597 – Pushing the Buttons

Shane and I are going to the mainland and my loving sister Barbara has arrived to care for our darling Lexi.

Both girls are happy about that and it would appear Barbara also brought some amazing weather with her – the scenery today is absolutely stunning! This morning we were talking about buttons – the kind that trigger confusion and reactions in each other. I may want the other person to stop pushing, but in reality, the button resides with me. Barbara has a tip for getting a grip on the experience of “stop pushing my buttons!”

Hawaiian Word:
Pihi: button

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Beach Walk 582 – Making Mistakes

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal about certain personalities who always look to blame others, and cannot seemingly admit to making mistakes themselves.

Some of you probably have more experience with this than I do, though I myself used to be quick to blame others too. The article said these no-fault types would often surround themselves with perfectionists, who can apparently take blame more easily in the event that something does not turn out perfectly. As a recovering perfectionist though, I can say that trait made it hard for me to admit fault! After all, I was trying much harder than everyone else, attending to details no one else would see, etc.

Bottom line, though that is being able to admit fault when appropriate, keeping things moving quickly and definitely helps me enjoy more, whatever I am doing. I definitely find it gets easier with age; life has a way of being the ultimate finger pointer, and most often says, “Give it up – nobody’s perfect, admit your part and let’s move on.”

Hawaiian Word:
Hewa: mistake

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Beach Walk 405 – Breaking Patterns

Yes, it’s a theme this week. I’m working on getting rid of a neurosis or two, and talking out loud makes it easier to stay focused on the task.

It was a nice low tide so I took advantage of the beach to draw a little diagram of what was on my mind. I find it so easy to fall into unconscious patterns; going to the beach, slowing down, and putting my mind to work really helps me break the cycle.

Turned into one fine day for me, as Rob Walch of Podcast 411 published an interview we did a few weeks ago. Rob is the master at podcast interviews. And, Doctor Trey (who inspired my sunglasses and is producing Mighty J – episode #364) released a show he recorded with Secret Cameraman and me last Saturday. Please go listen up!

And after 6 months of prodding, I’ve surrendered and started using my Twitter account.

Hawaiian words
Huila: cycle

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Beach Walk 170 – How do you want to feel?

Wrap-up on making big changes: focus on how you want to feel instead of what you want to do.

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h3. About Today’s Show

I’m wrapping this week’s discussion on how to approach making life changes. Not that we are “done.” There is so much to talk about in this arena! But for today it’s all about remembering that we are human beings, more than human doings. So instead of worrying about what to do, instead you can focus on how you want to feel and get some help from the Universe/God as to what that might actually be! It’s a way of taking some of the stress off the decision, and that has basically been my goal this week.

Hawaiian words
ʻIke: feel

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