Beach Walk 700 – Unite and Go Forward

Pupukahi i holomua
Translation: “Unite to move forward.”

We celebrate 700 episodes together with you. A hui hou.

— Hawaiian Proverb gathered by Mary Kawena Pukui
“By working together we make progress. This saying would be especially applicable to the Hawaiians on their canoes where each paddler would have to pull the paddles together on command in order to make the canoe move forward quickly forward.”

Hawaiian Word:
Holomua: movement, progress
Pupikahi: United, as in harmonious co-operation

Music by Marcomé. Visit here website here.
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Beach Walk 456 – Talk gently, like the rain

Now that I’ve learned about green exercise and ecotherapy (see #450) I happily present to you a “Beach Walks Meditation.”

It was raining this morning, and I had meetings in Honolulu this afternoon and evening, so the show format means I don’t skip a day!

You can find more Hawaiʻi proverbs here.
Our episode music is by Spheric Lounge.

Hawaiian Word:
Akahai: gentle

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