Beach Walk 743 – Raw or Rendered?

First things first: Lexi is back!
Programming is a funny thing. What you see at the end is not how things are at the beginning. There is that “processing” that takes place in the middle. Even if you “view source” of a web page and see the HTML code, there is a good chance that at least some of that started off very differently. If you just copy what you see on the surface, you will miss some of the underlying functional magic! Of course reverse engineering can be fun too – and very informative.

Hawaiian word:
Maka: raw, fresh

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Beach Walk 681 – The Energy of Tasks

Like many people, I set out an agenda for the day with a list of action items. Some items seem to take forever to get done though, and I have come to realize that not all tasks are created equal! They each actually require a certain level of attention and energy, and a select few really require a lot of focus and privacy, several hours free of any distractions. And many days I just don’t have that large of a block of time.

Hawaiian Word:
nānā: to pay attention

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