Beach Walk 257 OTR – Beach Boys and Burritos

It’s dinner time as Chris Coulter, and Robert and Patrick Scoble and I munch on burritos at the beach in Half Moon Bay.

A little scoop here: meet Chris Coulter, Robert Scoble’s blog nemesis (he’s disagreed with me before too…) who has just been hired by Robert. You can read more about this odd couple on Robert’s blog. Welcome to California Chris!

Patrick got the discussion started by telling us that in his age group (12), more girls have Macs and more boys have PC’s. Watch the show to hear our speculation. In usual Beach Walks fashion, I bring the quirky point of view, that design is not just fluff, but in fact a component of function. Chris tried to reduce beauty down to a “pink box”, but we all agreed that was not the point. The Packaging Diva has this to say:

“Whether it is women or seniors or any other target demographic, you have to entice them to make the purchase. Remember, it’s not enough just to say what’s inside.”

Fast Company last month featured The Masters of Design and how it can affect the bottom line.

Robert also mentioned Trés Amigos in Half Moon Bay and Printing for Less and you can also watch Robert’s on site interview with Printing for Less over at Podtech.

We’re on Akimbo! That is a service that lets you download selected programs from the internet and watch it on your TV. Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted!

Hawaiian words
Nani: beauty
Puni nani: beauty loving

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