Beach Walk 756 – The Energy of Language

Does this story feel good? It pays to pay attention to the words coming out of your mouth.

We use words all day everyday yet rarely stop to feel the energy they pack. I think it is the energy that causes confusion, less than the definition sometimes. We assume others think words feel the same way but they often don’t! We assume that a “story is just a story” but it’s not! It is also the energy from that story. I aim for feel-good energy, so that determines what stories I choose to tell or not these days. What about you? Does re-telling that story, no matter how righteous, make you feel bettor or worse? If you connect with the energy, it may influence where your mouth and mind go today.

Here’s an old episode on Making up stories

Hawaiian word:
Moʻolelo: story

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Beach Walk 663 – Kuleana Counts

One of my favorite Hawaiian words is kuleana.

I love the sound of it and I love the meaning of it. It basically means to take care of your “business.” It seems so instinctual to blame others for our problems, but really, there is little hope in that! Much easier to pick up the pieces and to change ourselves than to wait around for others to make us happy. That’s not to say you can’t hold others accountable; indeed that’s appropriate. I am talking about the knee-jerk blame response – let’s unplug from that old one.

Hawaiian word:
Kuleana: responsibility, business

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Beach Walk 619 – The Power in Acceptance

It was raining when we left the house this morning, but at the beach it was sunshining.

I realized that the rain irritates me on days when I want to go to the beach and film Beach Walks – it becomes very difficult because of the camera and the gear. As it turns out, the only thing I had to deal with was my resistance to accepting the cycle of the rain. Then I had this “aha” moment – that by accepting what is I don’t lose power, but rather I gain it. It seems wimpy to accept instead of fighting back. But really – how do I fight back with the weather?? I suppose I could be a mad scientist devoted to manipulating nature, but really, I am more interested in learning how to bloom where I am planted, to be creative in the midst of limitations, to be powerful in the moment of accepting what is.

Say hi to visitors from Arkansas! The Dad was born in Kailua. 🙂

Hawaiian word:
Ua: rain
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Beach Walk 111 OTR – Dreaming of a Balance of Power

It’s one thing to talk about peer-to-peer file sharing, and yet another to start balancing the power between content producers and the advertisers who have traditionally paid for the content delivery, or between consumers and the utilities who control access to the internet.

h3. About Today’s Show

One thing I have gotten loud and clear at the VLoggercon conference is how so many people have come to despise mainstream media and large corporations – both the advertisers who have underwritten the cost of so much media as well as the telcos and cable companies upon whom we depend for our connections to the internet.

Power is shifting now that you and I can create our own shows and tell our own stories. There are free places to host this content, and though the tech barrier is still high for a non-geek, it is at least possible to create and deliver a program for little money. People are seriously concerned that the internet could be taken away from us by the corporate machine.

While I believe the fears are founded based on historical actions, I believe also that technology has become such a liberating force that we will not be able to go backwards. So no matter what laws might get passed, there will be smart geeks who will figure out a way around them. And no matter how certain people may want to silence our voices, our ability to communicate with each other can not be stopped at this point. The box has been opened and I’m not crawling back in!

Hawaiian words
Mana: power
Hoʻokaulike: to balance evenly

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