Beach Walk 655 – Gossip is Losing Power

Last week Barack Obama launched a new web site Fight the Smears to be able to respond to false attacks and politically-motivated slurs. It reminds of which is a non-partisan site run by the Annenberg Foundation. In the old days, someone could start a rumor or make a claim and it was very difficult to combat it. Once it made it onto the airways, where media and communication was in the hands of a very few, one bad story could make or break a person.

Not anymore. Bloggers and journalists alike can put forth their own view of the “facts” and more than ever we can choose whom to believe and support. I like that. If you are interested in new media, please consider coming to the New Media Expo in August. Shane and I will be speaking there and it is the original annual event for professional podcasting.

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Hawaiian word:
Pā wale: vulnerable
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Beach Walk 647 – Transparency and Privacy

Transparency in communication and relationships and business and politics is one of those things that is marching forward very quickly in the 21st century. Most people I know are big fans of it in general. I am too, yet I still realize that privacy has its place. And that in general I want other people to be more transparent while I reserve a desire to want to be private. 🙂 That sense of double-standard I find helpful in getting off my case, or someone else’s. It takes courage to be see-through in thoughts and deeds. Together, we can help each other grow stronger.

Hawaiian word:
Aniani: transparent, clear
Pilikino: privacy

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Beach Walk 591 – Aborigine Apology

OK, so the world still has a lot of messes, but there are increasing signs of massive change for the better.

Today, I want to mark a few of those, starting with the very profound and symbolic apology issued by the Australian government last week, as its first order of business for the new session. Imagine over 100,000 aborigine children taken from their homes under force, placed in abusive group and foster “homes” and stripped of their family connections, their language, their customs. I hope this will never happen again anywhere. Listen to the Happy Guru podcast from Australia to learn more about the Stolen Generation; Duncan has a very inspiring podcast and very extensive notes about this topic.

Though this may seem far away from you, you can still lend your support. Watch today’s episode for more in this.

On another note, I voted tonight in the Hawaii caucuses. There was unprecedented voter turnout – four to ten times the average amount in various locations. People are getting off of their couches and taking a role in determining their/our future. I just love that.

Hawaiian Word:
Mihi: apologize

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Beach Walk 190 – Net Neutrality Hawaii Style

Delivering a petition to Sen. Inouye’s office in support of net neutrality.

h3. About Today’s Show

I decided to take a walk in downtown Honolulu today as I heard some people were going to be delivering signatures to our senior Senator’s office in support of net neutrality. I was able to capture several people’s opinions on the issue, both at the Senator’s office as well as at a monthly tech networking lunch, Bytemarks.

People are plenty passionate about the issue, but aloha shirts and aloha spirit claim the day.

If you are new to Beach Walks, check out show #71 when we first discussed this topic.

Here are additional links:
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Jon Stewart and John Hodgman on Net Neutrality.
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Hawaiian words
Polokika: politics

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