Beach Walk 701 – Be Here Now, Again

When you are not invested in the results of what you do, you are able to pay attention to what is actually going on. Life does not get much more powerful than that. I am busy pulling Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii together. Over the past months, I have watched how volunteers have come and gone, and how the project itself though continues. How people and things show up, just at the moment they are relevant. How futile and frustrating it would have been to start off with a dream that did not allow for both clouds and rainbows!

Thanks to the volunteers who have been my rocks:
Kyle Nishioka
Judi Clark
Shane Robinson

And the new man on a white horse, Ed Morita, the BBQ wrangler!

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻopuka: invest

+++ Thank you to our many Podcamp Sponsors! +++
Blue Hawaii Lifestyle
Hawaii Convention Center
Hawaii Prince Hotel
Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau
High Technology Development Corp
Johnson & Johnson
KnowHow Cafe
Pacific Direct Connect
PacRim Marketing Group
Podcast Connect
Projection Presentation Technology
Road Runner High Speed Internet
UH Center on Disability Studies
Vantage Counsel
Wyland Waikiki Hotel

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Beach Walk 698 – Circle of Pressure, Opportunity

I was thinking about the old Sufi tale about the man and his son, and their changing fortunes/misfortunes, as seen across the span of time. Right now with Podcamp, we have a sponsor Road Runner, who offered us 300 30-second TV spots. Wow, that is an incredible opportunity. Of course, it is also pressure. We’ve never made a TV commercial before, and had to do this in the span of about 2 weeks. We assembled the “actors” via a Twitter call instead of a casting call, (as described by my friend and participant Neenz)and filmed on location in the Hawaii Convention Center. Shane did his magic on the graphics, and though homemade to be sure, we love it and hope it helps us spread the word about this free event to learn about new media and the social web.

All this led up to my next level of understanding about “flow.” It is not so much about smooth, which is my first thought, but about movement. Staying in motion without getting stuck on any particular detail or challenge. Water, the original flow, is regularly both calm and turbulent now isn’t it?

Hawaiian Word:
Au: movement

If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion.

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Beach Walk 661 – Podcamp Hawaii 2008

I am so excited – we can finally announce our very first Podcamp here in Hawaii, coming October 24-25, 2008. Shane and I have been wanting to do this for 3 years. Plus! We are going to have a WordCamp component too – it’s the best of all worlds!

Podcamp = unconference to learn about podcasting and new media and network with other individuals and businesses who are using this tool to communicate.
Wordcamp = unconference to learn about the amazing free blogging (and podcast platform) software, WordPress. We even have the founder, Matt Mullenweg coming to speak.
Unconference = anyone can speak, the emphasis is on peer to peer communication and networking.

Podcamp Hawaii web site, Podcamp Hawaii on Twitter

Hawaiian word:
Ho’omoana: to camp

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