Saying Good Bye to Lexi Dogg, Sort Of

photo of Lexi Dogg on the beach in Lanikai, 2000 - 2014
The internet famous Lexi Dogg died. We are celebrating her life. Please share your stories – we’d love to know about them.

Lexi was a celebrity dog of the internet era, making her debut in 2006 as the star of Beach Walks with Rox. Within the first year, she had fans from around the world who would send her birthday cards and gifts, who left comments for her, and who found her on the beaches of Hawaii to take her picture. Aside from the nearly 780 episodes, she is a fixture in countless home movies and pics taken by travelers to Hawaii! [Read more…]

Beach Walk 534 – Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

I met Pam Lewis walking on the beach, and over the past few months she has started a new business offering pet care.

It’s perfect timing as the holidays are a time when a lot of pets inadvertently get in trouble – all the treats, the stress, and the general chaos affects our precious pups too!

Visit Pam’s website, DoggiePaddles

Hawaiian Word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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